Meet the Doctors

Our doctor’s main goal is to provide the finest quality dental care in a friendly, timely, and professional manner. They are strongly committed, dedicated to excellence, using advanced dentistry technology while giving you the care you deserve. They strive to enhance each patient’s quality of service from the relaxed atmosphere to our painless anesthesia process all the way through to our precise dental work.


Eugene Bernstein, DDS

Your smile is the first thing people notice and if you are uncomfortable with yours, Dr. Bernstein can transform it into the smile of your dreams.

Olga Mishilevski, DDS

Dentistry today is not what it was 30,20 or even 10 years ago. Technology,techniques, materials, and even theresearch that backs them are continuallychanging. We practice evidence-based dentistry. Dentistry that is based on the most current.

Mark Pakan, DDS – Periodontist

I believe that periodontal health is an important component of your total body health, affected by everything from smoking to exercise to nutrition. We can help you to develop an overall periodontal wellness program that addresses all your unique needs and fits your personal.

Khimiya Paryani, DMD – Endodotist

Trust is the foundation of a successful patient-endodontist relationship, as with all other relationships and comes from the assurance that personal information will be kept confidential, procedures are in the patient’s best interest.

Ilya Lipkin, DDS – Orthodontist

I don’t just straighten teeth. I care for your entire chewing system so that your new smile will not only look good but be highly functional. Under my care, you will get more than just a great smile.