Dental CT Scan

The SCANORA® 3D digital Cone Beam dental X-ray provides a new and innovative way of seeing dent maxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic problems. At Gentle Dental of NJ, we take full advantage of our state-of-the-art dental X-ray. Irvington, NJ patients should head to our practice in Newark.


Diagnostic Performance

With Cone Beam 3D imaging the image layer, angle and type of visualization can be freely selected after exposure within the cylindrical volume. Compared to conventional tomography this provides a huge advantage: all diagnostic information in the region of interest can be clearly seen, examined and exploited.


High Technology Flat-Panel Detector

The flat-panel detector is a masterpiece of modern CMOS technology. Compared to traditional image intensifiers, flat-panel detectors offer superior image quality due to their large dynamic range, better contrast and lack of image distortion. Additionally they are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, are compact in size and have a long service life.


Uncompromised Quality

The SCANORA 3D has been designed from the ground up using the very latest 3D imaging technology. It is a versatile Cone Beam 3D dental X-ray machine, capable of variable size volume imaging of the dent maxillofacial area as well as high-resolution classic digital panoramic dental imaging.


Full Diagnostic Information

After scanning and image reconstruction, a full range of diagnostic options can be exploited. The diagnostic information can be thoroughly examined with the many powerful software tools and features. For instance, a complete set of cross-sectional views of the jaw can be automatically generated by drawing a center line along the axial slice.

For more information on our high-powered dental X-ray, Irvington, NJ, residents should contact our local practice. We’re happy to serve patients from Irvington, Kearny, and other cities across Essex County.