Khimiya Paryani DMD

“Trust is the foundation of a successful patient-endodontist relationship, as with all other relationships. In the patient-endodontist relationship, trust comes from the assurance that personal information will be kept confidential, that procedures are in the patient’s best interest, the level of clinical skill is unsurpassed and that patient autonomy is recognized. Furthermore, trust is a mutual understanding communicated in an egalitarian and ethical manner.” – Dr. Khimiya Paryani

Mark Pakan, DDS

“I focus on your total wellness. I believe that periodontal health is an important component of your total body health, affected by everything from smoking to exercise to nutrition. We can help you develop an overall periodontal wellness program that addresses all your unique needs and fits your personal lifestyle.” – Dr. Mark Pakan

Olga Mishilevski, DDS

“Dentistry today is not what it was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. Technology, techniques, materials, and even the research that backs them are continually changing. We practice evidence-based dentistry. Dentistry that is based on the most current research.” – Dr. Olga Mishilevski,

Eugene Bernstein, DDS

Dr. Bernstein can make your dream smile come true. His multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry is unique and thoroughly embraces the relationship between aesthetic and full mouth health while utilizing extensive training and experience to treat even the most challenging dental solutions. He has been delivering cosmetic, implant and functional dental solutions to patients for over a decade. Dr. Bernstein’s commitment to doing things right and ability to “handle just about anything” has won the trust of patients and other doctors.

Ilya Lipkin, DDS

“I don’t just straighten teeth. I care for your entire chewing system so that your new smile will not only look good but be highly functional, as well. So under my care, you will get more than just a great smile. You will also get a healthy, functional smile that will serve you well for the rest of your life.” – Dr. Ilya Lipkin